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Friday, April 5, 2013

Life In Engleworld: Who is the REAL Poster Child for Greed?

"Dr. Carlisle agreed to a salary of $200k/yr, which was $50k less than his current salary in Port Chester. He had already completed his New York pension eligibility. It should be noted that his salary was $20k less than the salary due the current Superintendent." Eugene Skurnick  (Elected to the Englewood City Council since this article was published.)

That is eternally funny. Dr. Carlisle may have agreed to $200k/yr, but did anyone in the district have the authority to pay him above the state mandated CAP on Superintendent salary? Is this another example of how Engleworld is Above the Law? He is now being paid $64,500 above CAP which is $167, 500. That is enough to pay the yearly salary of 4 of the paraprofessionals needed to educate the Special Needs Children in the Englewood Public School District.

How many faces do you have Mr. Skurnick? Which one are you showing the residents in the 3rd Ward when you make statements like the ones in that article? It does not benefit the residents in the 3rd and 4th wards when there are tax cuts for the rich. Our fees actually go up to cover the flat taxes. There is no advantage or savings for us when the rich get lower taxes or when the developers get tax abatements. How dare you equate the Salary of the Superintendent to the salary of a fireman or policeman

                                                   Video was Uploaded on Nov 10, 2010 

The Six Million dollar question is still the same. How does our very colorful Governor allow 
Englewood to get away with this? Check out the highlighted amounts below.

Salary is calculated based on the number of students in the district.

Student Enrollment of District(s)


251 – 750

751 – 1,500

1,501 – 3,000

3,001 – 6,500

6,501 – 10,000


Let us make an extreme comparison.
Student Enrollment: 10, 145     (as of October 15, 2012)
Students on roll regular and full time 8, 591
Superintendent Salary for 2013 - 2014  $187,500.00  (page 28 of 29)
A Regional District that includes: 12 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools and 2 High Schools
Check out the transparency demonstrated in Facility Use.

Now look at a few that are a little less extreme in comparison. Note that all schools listed have more students than the Englewood Public School District. 
Superintendent Salary:  $167,500 (page 13 of 31)
Student enrollment: 4,083 (October 2012)
Schools: 4 Elementary, 2 Middle, 1 High School

Willingboro (they say we are like this one and I don't know why. Well, we did have 3 Assistant Superintendents at one time.)
Students: on roll full time 2012 -  3,782
Schools: 5 Elementary, 1 middle, 1 Alternative, 1 high school
Superintendent Salary: $167,500
Assistant Supt   $145,000
Assistant Supt   $130,000
Assistant Supt   $125,000   
Students: 4,713
Superintendent Salary: $167,500 (page 20 of 36)
Schools: 4 Elementary, 1 middle, 1 high

Students: 3,224
Superintendent Salary: $225,630 (hired July 1, 2010) Mandate November 2010
Schools: 4 Elementary, 1 middle, 1 high

Students: 3,324
Superintendent: $167,500
Schools: 1 Pre-School, 4 Elementary, 1 Middle, 1 high

Students: 3,001 (or less)
Superintendent: $232,000
Schools: 1 Pre-school/Kindergarten, 1 Elementary, 1 combined Elementary & middle, 1 middle, 1 high school, 
Carlisle's Contract:  Carlisle started with $208,000 salary. His contract was signed December 21, 2010.  Examine the Contract. Only the then President and Carlisle himself signed the contract. There was no witness and no Board Attorney signature.  What happened in Englewood exhibits far more arrogance than in Parsippany. At least Dr. Seitz was already on salary and seems to have been doing a fine job. What did Dr. Leroy Seitz do to the big Guy? Is it because this is his home County or is the big guy playing favorites?

Parsippany (at the time of the video below) 
Students: 7,250  (at the time of the video)  (2012 - 6,120)
Superintendent: $212,000  (Dr. Leroy Seitz resigned 2/13/13) (new Supt salary: $177,500)
Schools: 9 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, 2 High Schools, 1 Adult & Community Education Center

How is the rest of the State dealing with the Salary CAP Law? A few stories are listed below.
Reactions in the press..............
Salary CAPS take effect...

N.J. education chief can impose salary caps on superintendents, appellate panel rules.

Christie Administration Acts on Superintendent Pay Cap Reforms to Put Students First

Executive County Superintendent Review of Administrator Contracts

The Administrative Code is Law as established by the legislature, not by an Englewood Councilman.

West Windsor-Plainsboro

Parsippany - He was dubbed the "Poster Child of Greed".  He was already on staff and became the example and the Governor's target when the CAP was mandated. 

West Orange

Princeton:  Princeton Superintendent Judith Wilson to retire rather than take $52K pay cut under salary CAP.

This is for Englewood FAST. Fiscal Accountability started March of 2006. If your main concern was really about Fiscal Accountability, we would be on the same page. Make a note of it.
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