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Friday, August 24, 2012

The 4 Wards Coalition 4 Empowerment

The Beginning is Near!

The first official meeting of the Executive Board of The 4 Wards Empowerment Coalition took place at the Elks Lodge on Bennett Road on Thursday night.

A group of concerned residents representing the 3rd and 4th wards met and discussed the ideas, concerns and needs of the community. Some of these concerns have also been expressed at City Council, Planning Board and School Board meetings. Concerns from community gatherings over the last few years were voiced as well at the Master Plan Public Hearing.

We are looking for candidates for the following offices.
City Council
Planning Board
Board of Adjustment
School Board
Board of Health
Housing Authority
Library Board

We are stepping up to the plate. This is our town. We are encouraging
participation in the governing process. We are looking for young able bodied people who
want to learn about civic duty and participation in local government.

       Join the movement!


crystal brown said...

I would like to join your group, please.
Crystal Brown, Englewood Resident for over 50 years. What can I do?

plumwalk2 said...

You may consider yourself a member. You will be contacted with the next meeting date. Welcome.

Cdcarlos2 said...

I would love to become involve. Do have irregular hours at the hospital but am sure I can still participate as I am fed up with the whole council, school board and the way Englewood has become.

Lucy Doris Walker said...

Hello Dorothy. It is possible to participate without attending all meetings. You are a member. You will receive all emails. Please help to spread the word about important communications.