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Municipal Committee

The Best kept Secret in Englewood is the Municipal Committee

Englewood Democratic Municipal Committee - Elected Officials 
(A work in Progress)

2016 - 2018 Elections every 2 years in the Primary) 

Committee people only run in the Primary. They do not appear on the ballot in the November general elections. Each of the 2 parties (Republicans and Democrats) elects 32 committee people every 2 years.  When this information was originally assembled, the Municipal Committee seemed the smallest and least important elected position in the City. 

The Englewood Democratic Municipal Committee just may be the most important position in the City of Englewood, County, State and Country. It just may rate right up there with the Electoral College that elects the President of these United States of America.

The By Laws of the Englewood Municipal Committee does that the Chairperson of the Municipal Committee be  elected by the voters . That is the reason that the present Committee is chaired by an Attorney who works for the Mayor. Yeah, think on that as we go on this journey through Englewood, New Jersey Civics. He got 17 votes. We will discuss the 17 vote minimum, later.

What is the line?
Think of it this way. We read from left to right. As I type this, I am focusing from left to right. Ideally, the LINE runs down the left side of the Election Ballot. Candidates that appear farthest to the left have an advantage. Most people do not read across the ballot, they go straight down to almost the bottom. Most of the people I have interviewed admitted to just voting Democratic without even reading the names. 

In Presidential Elections, voters sometimes just check that top box and leave the booth, never going all the way down to the bottom where the local Elections are. Elections for members of the Municipal Committee take place every 2 years during Primary. One must have declared themselves a Democrat or a Republican before one may run for either Party's Municipal Committee.

In 2016, those who challenged incumbents were called insurgents. because they dared run against persons who have held the position of Municipal Committee Member in their Districts for over 30 years. A very large number of the 32 Member Committee found themselves actually having to work to stay on the Englewood Municipal Committee, because they were being challenged. It was actually the first time that the people of Englewood was truly aware of the competition for this invisible elected position.

W  D     MALE                       FEMALE
1    1 Howard S. Shafer Diane Strobel
1    2 Ken Rosenzweig                  Rivka Gertzulin
1    3 Horace Ragbir Nellie Bobe
1    4 Jose Reyes Melvina Cobb
2    1 Frederick Horowitz             Nina Nanasi
2    2 Illan Lerman Lisa Wisotsky
2    3 Craig Solomon Gila Comet
2    4 Carlos Aguila Jr. Angelina Rivera
3    1 Walter Young Maria E. Klose
3    2 Jeffrey Richardson Ann Sparanese
3    3 Jack Silberman                   Sondra Greenberg
3    4 Gene Backus Karen Gundy
4    1 Joseph Hoyle Sr.   June C. Gregg
4    2 Devry Pazant Theresa Thomas
4    3 Curtis Caviness Esther Santiago-Babb
4    4 Enrique Faust Alva Jean Ibitoye Jones

Some of the above Municipal Committee Members have been on this Committee longer than I can remember or even track. If the average Englewood Resident understood the true nature of this Committee, they would demand term limits, based on that simple fact.

So what does this actually do? Good question. One that is not easily answered. 

The Line
Ken Rosensweig
Ward 1, District 2
Did you ever wonder what the politically aware mean when they say, "he will never win, because the Municipal Committee and the County will never give him the line"?

What is The Line? Well try this. Picture your sample ballot or picture the face of the voting machine inside the  booth.

Think left to right. The human attention span is about 8 seconds. We read from left to right. Human eye naturally gravitates towards the LEFT.  We have been conditioned to do this automatically. 

So how does a Candidate get on this Line over to the LEFT on the ballot in Englewood, New Jersey?

Just for practice, let us just pretend that you have decided to run for office in Englewood. When presenting your case to the 32 Members of the Municipal  Committee, one must gain at least 17 of the 32 votes.  32 people, members of the Municipal Committee. (Democrat or Republican, it is the same, or is it?)  As a Candidate, you must present your letter of intent and resume to the Municipal Committee. The person who can get 17 votes from other wards and Districts all over town generally wins The Line, if the County agrees with the choice. 

The recent race for 3rd Ward Council seat is a perfect example
of how the Municipal Committee may wield its power.  
Horace Ragbir
Ward 1, District 3

Scott Reddin seems to have been the choice of the Democratic Club, which some think is the "fundraising arm" of the Democratic Municipal Committee. He presented himself as an experienced, and former 3rd Ward Council, with recommendations from Assemblyman Gordon Johnson and the present 3rd Ward Councilman. 

Scott Reddin was clearly the 3rd Ward choice for Council, but the majority of the 32 Municipal Committee Members out voted the 8 Municipal Committee Members from the 3rd Ward. Kathryn Glynn got the line and pushed Scott over to the right where Human eyes seldom wander. Scott was denied a Debate. That was interesting and happens quite often when a favored , but weaker speaker is pit against a strong speaker and not so favored. True to form, 3rd Ward voters went straight down that powerful line and Kathryn Glynn was the winner. Scott would have been forced to run off the Democratic line in November, had he chosen to take the fight further.

Nellie Bobie
  Ward 1, District 3

Jose Reyes
Ward 1, District 4

Glenn Coley, a democrat, did decide to run against that Line. Did you notice where they put his name on the ballot? Glenn Coley had more lawn signs than he got votes. How can that happen? Easily when the challengers name is put all the way over to the right of the ballot. One must be awful fed up with the status quo to go looking that far over. Most people are not "awake" enough to move that far over to the right. Notice that Kathryn Glynn did not even have that many signs out. It seems she did not even need signs, or money, because she had The Line.

The people might even be convinced that the person on the far right are not Democrat, but that is not the case. The people on the Right just want to make change.

Nina Nanasi
Ward 2, District 1

Angelina Rivera
Ward 2,  District 4

Carlos Aguilar Jr.
Ward 2, District 4
Walter Young
Ward 3, District 1

So why did Municipal Committee Members from all over Englewood decide to give The Line to the mild mannered Librarian? I have nothing against the Librarian. She seems nice enough and is obviously involved. I hope she surprises everyone and demonstrates that she can use her own mind.

Let me say this again:
Sondra Greenberg
Ward 3, District 3
Each Ward has only 8 votes. 1 for each Municipal Committee person in that Ward. The only way a Ward may have a chance in hell of "electing their own candidate" on The Line is to convince at least 17 Committee Members that their Candidate is the best one for the City. 

Jack Silberman
Ward 3, District 3

Our Municipal Committee may be compared to the "Electoral College" that is utilized when electing the President. The recent Presidential Election gives even the clueless a fine example of how the system may be circumvented. I guess if one has lots of resources, one might easily find the "price" of every single Committee Member. Just saying. There is evidence that this has been happening in many little towns and cities across America. 

So let us just say that our Candidate has the 17 needed votes, because the Committee is functioning in an objective way without outside interference. The Candidate's name is submitted to Mr. Stalletto and the County and even if he likes the choice, he must answer to his Party Bosses. 

Karen Perry-Gundy
Ward 3, District 4

Joseph Hoyle Sr.
Ward 4, District 1

June C. Gregg
Ward 4,  District 1

Theresa Thomas
Ward 4, District 2

Curtis E. Caviness
Ward 4, District 3

It is hoped that the County would automatically accept what the Municipal Committee decided and give their Candidate The Line. What happens here is still up in the air. Money and Power ultimately control who gets the line, not votes. It is a conundrum and has very little to do with Ethics and what is morally right.

Committee People serve for 2 years and must run for their seats again.
Municipal Chair Person - Philip Meisner (He is not an elected Member of the Committee)

Esther Santiago-Babb
Ward 4, District 3

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