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Monday, August 8, 2016

Targeting seniors: Robo and cold calls

Targeting Seniors

In my fifth year of retirement, I've become bombarded by Robo & cold calls, usually at the first and last of each month. Ranging from walk in tubs through and including blood thinning drug litigation, I began to take these intrusions personally. However, after asking around, I've discovered that these nuisance calls aren't solely my burden.

My requests to be removed from their calling lists,by both word or pressing the indicated phone key, have proven fruitless. Thanks to the wonders of computers, many "do not call requests" are circumvented by computers redirecting calls through a different telephone number. So, same sales pitch but from a different number. Amy, a security analyst calling from a recorded line asking me,"can you hear me?"(pause) "Are you still there?" as of this post has come from twenty different numbers.

The federal Do Not Call registry must be requested from the actual telephone number and must be renewed annually. Again, the computer shuffling numbers defeats this list.
Yesterday my elder son installed a new call blocking device (1200 capacity) because my Panasonic phone system reached its 250 capacity (in less than one year) this past Saturday. As I began working on this entry (9:31 a.m.), the blood thinning drug lawsuit rang. At 10:43 a.m., my lucky ship came in...a free vacation cruise. Then at 12:30p.m., good old Amy rang. Ugghhhhhhh.... And the solar energy people are relentless!!!!!

As a senior on a fixed income, why must I incur extra expense to guard against such predatory commerce? I don't ask this question naively, but more rhetorically. The simplistic responses of "hang up" and "don't answer unknown numbers" are irksome!
Quoting the Beach Boys, "Help, help me, Rhonda!"

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