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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Community Member's Response to Budget Response

Budget Response: Two Englewood Municipal Committee Members respond to accusations made by Mayor Frank Huttle III against Michael Cohen, 2nd Ward Councilman.

This is my response to the response:
I have attended many City Council meetings. The accusation against Councilman Cohen is ludicrous. We often joke about Michael Cohen's steadfast conviction to holding down taxes. Michael Cohen's middle name is "flat taxes". I am wondering what type of desperation would cause anyone to accuse Councilman Cohen of such. The Community has watched Cohen vote every single year to keep "taxes flat". Is the guy making this accusation losing it?"
A way must be found to provide a Community Center and to consolidate affordable Recreation, sports, programs and other activities, intended for all ages. The Mayor should stop shoving this particular building down our throats while planning with his Developer friends to demolish the currently underutilized building (not currently earning a cent in tax revenue) that should be discussed as our Community Center. This is like throwing "us" a bone in order to satisfy a campaign promise.
WHERE IS THE PLAN? You don't or shouldn't spend that kind of money before coming up with a plan. And I am not talking about one of those Committees where he or one of this lackies tells us what to think as if they know what we want. Where also is the document from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that clears the building for use? Even then, I would never consent to sending my grandchildren or anyone's children to that place as a Community Center. Did anyone even care to check the traffic statistics for the area? My former Landscaper was killed by a motorist right there on that corner between 40 Bennett Rd. and MacKay Park. We (those of us who live near this site) watched as they removed the offending objects (tanks) from the site last year, not in 2005 as indicated in a press release to
Another thing, the area is being neglected. Why has Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement "not" issued summonses for the owner to cut and trim the grass and shrubbery? The Check Cashing place and the Restaurant also need a coat of paint. Neglect of property purposefully causes blight. In other parts of the world the phrase would be "slumlord".
Englewood One. Which one? Englewood Residents had dreams long before Frank Huttle III arrived and proceeded to force his "dream" down our throats. The Mayor should stand down. The City Manager and City Council should step up. The City Council should adhere to the City Charter in regards to the Mayor's responsibilities. The Council Members are the only ones who can keep him in check. We have watched his demeanor degrade since he is no longer President of the City Council. It is not a good look.
The City Engineer has given years of his time here and his opinions should be respected.
Question: When the town is overrun with non-profits making a profit on those of us who need the services previously provided by the City, will we get a decrease in taxes? Since when will anything give us a decrease in taxes?
I just watched the old garbage truck go down the street. 2 men rolled the new garbage cans out to the "old" truck where the lift picked up 2 cans at a time and dumped them into the truck. It was a very efficient activity with only one pass of the "old truck". This tells me that the old trucks were more effective and all we needed to do was purchase the present garbage cans. 
How much cheaper for all of us taxpayers would that have been?
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