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Sunday, August 30, 2015

#CommunityMatters: Uptown Leads by Example!

Sior Griffin receiving a cut & supplies
Sior Griffin sat motionless as the final touches were made to his back-to-school fresh cut. His mother sat near, checking him out...

After leaving the chair, he was led to the back of the shop where he received composition books, pencils and pens. His mother smiles….

Gerald Chavis(G) & Jared Peterson(JP)
This weeks ‘High Five’ goes to Jared Peterson (J.P) and Gerald Chavis (G.) of Uptown Barbers Association for continuing to lead by example. ‘For Us By Us’ (FUBU) is not just a slogan for (J.P.) of King Gardens and (G.) hailing from Park View, it's a guide. Together, these two young African American Entrepreneurs have not only opened a successful business in their community, they continue to provide recognition and support for their patrons, friends and neighbors……

After a 9 year hiatus, they successfully revived UBL’s Summer Basketball League giving renewed interest and meaning to Mackay Park creating a viable venue for players, spectators and other neighborhood business persons. They followed up by participating in the 3rd Annual Whip Whop Tournament and School Supply give away with the winner’s trophy proudly being displayed in their window.                     
This week, not only can the community youth get a high top fade to begin the school year, Uptown is giving away composition books, pencils and pens to school age patrons. This practice will continue right up to the start of school or as long as the supplies last.

Future plans include an honor roll to be posted on the shop’s wall recognizing the accomplishments of student scholar/athletes.  

Uptown Barbers Association for showing that 'CommunityMatters'....

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