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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Something Marvelous!

Attention Englewood Community: 

Merrick learned to use the shovel and the wheel barrow.
He is leveling the soil in the 4th and 5th Grade bed.
All of the beds in that section were donated and are
being used as a Teaching Garden.
It is our Community STEAM Education Project.
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

You may see empty boxes in the Lewis Becote Historic Community Garden, 
but they have been donated as our Teaching Garden to be used with our
Englewood 4 - H Club Chapter. There is much to be done there including the engineering and building of a little PVC greenhouse over at least 1 bed to lengthen the growing season and to start plants in the spring. We have a plan that has been in the works for nearly 2 years.

All of the beds that you see are taken.
6 more are to be constructed.
Only 5 of those 6 are available.

Remember that this is a true Community Garden.
You are agreeing to work as a Community and not as ONE
when you make your donation.

This does not mean that you may not work in the garden alone
or with just your family group. It means that work that affects the
entire garden is shared by all.

This donation covers the wood, landscape cloth, 

wood chips

screws and nails, if we are lucky.
We all work together to make
sure that each gardener has what he she needs.

We have been lucky so far. The nails are very expensive.
The labor was donated.
The County Parks Employees and Bergen County Executive Kathleen A. Donovan
have been invaluable in the building process.
As soon as the soil is moved into the existing boxes,
we will have space to put the final 6 boxes.

Many people have asked to save them boxes/beds.
It does not work that way.
You have a box when we have your donation in hand.
We/the Community are paying for everything.
We expect everyone to pitch in and work for the good of the whole garden
Community and not just for your bed.
It is indeed, a Community Garden.

We still need a fence.
We still need a sign.

We still need compost bins that add aesthetic beauty to the neighborhood.
We are adding to the existing beauty of the 4th Ward.

Contrary to public opinion
The gardening does not end
During the months that you see nothing growing,
work is still being done.

Gardening, like the Educating of your children
is a labor of love that never ends.

It is the dream of a few of us to build a Community Garden

in every Ward and every District.
We now have 2 in the 4th Ward.
1 is in District 2 and the other is in District 3.

Join us in the dream.
We shall always need food.
We shall always need the beauty that flowers, shrubbery, fruit trees,
and bushes that are nurtured by dedicated gardeners bring to our everyday lives.

It is a Community STEAM Education Project.
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Talk the talk, and walk the walk, for real, no fronting.

When children work like
this and still smile
You know
that you are on
to something marvelous.

How are the children?
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