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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Everyone Owns The Information...

    Dr. Dierdre Paul's update from was not allowed to populate on Facebook. This is a problem. She raises some very important questions about issues that need to be addressed. These issues are non-partisan in concept and should not be shoveled under the rug by the publishers of the Record or the politicians in question. Is there an obvious attempt to control information? It has not gone unnoticed. People all over this state are being manipulated in this upcoming election. How many people from both parties are not going to the polls because of this? Republicans & Democrats need to call it quits with the subversive control of Voters. The South is not the only place where voters are being manipulated and suppressed. Information must be allowed to flow regardless of the outcome. That is the American Way. Those who are actively participating in destroying this institution need to just STOP. Money cannot be allowed to rule. This is not a Feudal Society. 

    Dr. Dierdre Paul's comments are important to all Englewood Residents.
    For Example: At Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood right now...

    There will be 2 pep rallies
             There will be 2 homecoming kings and Queens

    It is time for these apartheid practices to be eliminated. Enough already...
    I am not pleased with the fact that we were never privy to debates between candidates for the 37th District. I would like to hear the answer to questions posed by Dr. Paul.

    Dr. Dierdre Paul's concerns as stated on should be heard:
    Dierdre Paul · Professor at Montclair State University College of Education and Human Services

    It is truly interesting to see that which The Record values with its endorsements. With Sen. Weinberg's endorsement, I can see that The Record appreciates the apartheid schooling she brought to Englewood with the introduction of the Englewood Academies. Please note that the Academies have actually hurt Dwight Morrow High School by starving it of necessary school funding and resources. It has created a two-tiered educational system like those that even the New York Times have decried.
     With Gordon Johnson, I see that The Record values his letter in support of outsourcing nearly 100 jobs of teacher aides and school secretaries who predominantly reside in Englewood. While Gordon should be bringing jobs to Englewood, he seems intent on taking jobs from African American and Latino women who are heads of households (in many instances).... With Gordon's endorsement as well, I see that The Record values his push to locate one of the light rail's stations in between The Grieco and McCloud Schools...and in the process, exposing our children to stranger danger. Whose interests does Gordon actually serve? Those of the African American and Latino people who most need for him to "man up" or those who permit him to keep his good-paying job while selling his own people out? 
    And last but not least, I applaud the endorsement of Valerie Huttle by The Record for authoring the worst piece of legislation in the contemporary history of the New Jersey State Legislature. That which Valerie has done with her anti-bullying legislation has been to reinforce zero tolerance educational policies that most severely impact males of all races, but African American and Latino males in particular. For communities of color, legislation such as that of which Valerie feels proudest does little more than feed the school to prison pipeline for African American and Latino males. It makes it all but certain that their earning potential and professional viability are compromised. In the end, all they can do is "check the box" and pray that minimum wage ballot initiatives are approved, so they can get possibly a quarter more in paychecks at dead end jobs. One can't even buy an item from the $1 menu at McDonalds with this so-called Democratic gift of increasing the minimum wage. It is smoke and mirrors. While I mistakenly thought that The Record was progressive, these endorsements actually tell a different story. Although lacking in quality, Weinberg, Johnson and Huttle are "good enough" for the people of District 37. And to that, I'll say: "Let's see if that sentiment is reflective of the will of the people on Election Day."  Dr. Dierdre Paul
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    Dr. Dierdre Paul is a 4th Ward Resident

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