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Thursday, December 20, 2012

So What will we be Cheated out of Next?

Every year about this time the mail arrives with a new DPW Calendar. This calendar immediately replaces the one on the side of the refrigerator that basically helps me keep my house in order.

  This year's document is as follows:
Lynne Algrant is our Councilwoman-at-large
I am going to ask her what happened to my calendar.
Perhaps you might want to do the same.
It made life less complicated for me all year round.
How about you?

Telephone:  (201) 951-1847  Fax:  (201) 731-5356

  • The Cover: it is the same on the outside as in 2012
  • The inside cover:  no longer gives a service summary of 2013. It simply gives us the names of the  people responsible for not giving us the traditional calendar.
  • Page 1 still lists important information about recyclables
  • Page 2 - 3 still gives us guidelines for disposal
  • Page 4 still basically reiterates some good points in preserving the environment from wastes
  • Page 5 now warns us about reducing the effects of snow and ice storms and gives us safe driving tips that should be practiced.
  • Page 6 gives us solutions to storm water pollution
  • Page 7 Suggests that we work to Eliminate the litter problem and defines the word "litter" for us and reminds us that littering is against the law.
  • Page 8 - Yes, the back cover gives the names and numbers of all the people that we must thank for this gross waste of paper. We may as well have been left with last year's calendar with the same valuable tips. Geez!
There is no calendar. There is no calendar. I want my calendar. I need my calendar. I write things on that calendar that help keep order in my household. OCD, maybe, but that does not change the fact that someone dropped the ball on this one. How many people in this town go through the exact same ritual as I? How many refrigerators in this town still have the 2012 calendar stuck to it? This is not a ward thing. This is a Citywide thing. It was the one thing that all City Residents had in common.

          Elected Officials must be held responsible to do better by all City Residents!
                        Little issues ignored become big problems for all of us.

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