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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stand Together Or Fall Alone

ATTENTION! ATTENTION 4th Ward Residents: We must mobilize and get the word out that people may vote early. We must also inform them that the entire 4th Ward must vote at Liberty School.

Place: One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ
When: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 9 am to 3 pm
Monday from 9 am to 4 pm

ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 6
Time: 6 am to 8 pm
Place: Liberty School
          12 Tenafly Rd. (In the old Board of Education building at the monument. 
          Russell C. Major Liberty School

Voting Information From the Governor's Office:

The 4th Ward City Council position is the only Englewood race with two opposing candidates. One of those Candidates clearly does not represent the interests of the 4th ward. Keep in mind that the time goes back tonight. It will be dark at 6 am and it will be dark at 8 pm. People who do not have power, phone, facebook or email do not have this information. The majority of the 4th Ward is still in darkness. 4th Ward Residents are being required to make their way to the THIRD WARD to vote when at least one 4th Ward polling place has power. Contrary to public opinion everyone does not have a cellphone with the internet, Facebook and Twitter. (I do not and am not alone in this.)

We need everyone that has this information to get out and make sure that people in the neighborhood know where to vote. It is more important than ever to get this information out. Everyone is NOT on facebook. My backyard touches people who do not have power. It is that way on both sides of the street. I would not have known anything if I had not gone outside and engaged the people in my neighborhood. Go outside and talk to your neighbors. Make sure they know where to vote.

Make sure they know that people in other wards are making decisions for us at a very crucial time. Events have already been manipulated by others in other wards. Eugene Skurnick, Sue Gamrin, Sondra Greenberg, Kenneth Rosensweig, Earl A. Marsan, Frank Huttle III, Sandra Slipp, William Merritt, Marc Foreman, Lynne Algrant and Valerie Huttle and others do not live in the 4th Ward and should not be allowed to control the outcome of this election. Regardless of the relationship they have with Wayne Hamer, they must not be allowed to decide the outcome of an election in the 4th Ward.

This is about more than one ward in Englewood, New Jersey. This type of craziness is at work all over this country. It is deplorable that a tragedy like this storm may be used as a form of voter suppression. 

Make sure that people also know about the gas restrictions. Today is an odd license plate day, tomorrow even, Monday odd, Tuesday even. Only those with corresponding license plate numbers will be able to purchase gas on these days. Those of you who were around in the mid 70's know the horrors that this type of restriction on gas purchase caused. The odds are against this turning out well. We must all participate in creating a happy end to this situation.

You should all know that I did not pick names above out of thin air. They are the ones who have created this tragic disconnect among 4th Ward voters. See for yourself. They are the ones who are making the decisions. View it in their own hand on this vacancy certification which is not the same thing as a petition of 4th Ward Residents. We have been manipulated. End this now. It is time to be outraged. Click here.

 Notice that the other Candidate followed Title 19 Election Law. His petition is signed by 45 4th Ward Residents, not 2. Do we take this on our knees or do we fight it standing on our feet?Click here.

Read this article and note that at least one City Council Member acknowledges that the procedure followed is a bit strange. 
Click here.

 There are approximately 3,500 registered voters in the 4th Ward. We must reach all of them. Our President needs their vote and our Ward needs their voices to drown out those who would presume to give us our facts and our leaders.
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