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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pride of Place: Good Neighbors

Monique's garden
Today was a very good day. I posted a status update on Facebook asking if anyone knew where to get gas. Loads of people responded giving advice of places to purchase gas. There was a great response. One in particular came from another 4th Ward Family. It touched me like I have not been affected in a lot of years. Responses like this are among the reasons why I do this. Oh, did some of you think it was because of the great paycheck I get for wearing this large bulls eye on my back? News Flash. A friend messaged me inbox and told me that I could have some of  her family's gas. At first, I was reluctant, but then I decided to leave pride alone and accepted the offer. Less than 20 minutes later, she and her husband arrived with the children and put the gas in my car themselves. It was a marvelous gift and I will never forget it. 

Monique's 4-1 Garden

I offered to pay, but they refused. The husband said it was the neighborly thing to do. I hugged them both and got all teary eyed as they drove away. That is the kind of thing we work for years to nurture in neighborhoods like ours. That was the best I have felt in years. They live in 4-3. Before today that seemed like a another part of town. 

Pride of Place.
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