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Monday, October 8, 2012

Participate In Your Own Salvation: Vote

The beginning is near. The issues and events in this town mirror the larger ones taking place nationally. The events concerning jobs in the medical and educational fields are a local example. Unemployment numbers have gone up locally. We are feeling the pressure of the poor economy and class warfare. There are almost no Obama signs out. This is in sharp contrast to the hundreds of Rothman signs that were displayed in the area before the primary. What is that? What does it mean? Oh, I have seen maybe 3 signs. One has been up for months. Is someone sending us a message? Englewood IS the petry dish. Romney followers are not likely to reveal themselves publicly here in good old Democratic Englewood. Is Englewood still Democratic? The recent events of the school board have fueled the already festering attitude of apathy. We must be ever mindful of this. We cannot allow the energy that went into fighting that evil to dissipate and keep us away from the polls on November 6.

It is important that Every American exercises his/her right to vote. The time to allow ourselves to be overcome by apathy is long gone. Our very lives are at stake. Our hard earned tax dollars are misspent right here in this community and it is high time we awaken to that fact. We don't have to look at Romney sending his money to Swiss banks or the Cayman Islands. We can look at our Municipal government sending $5.8 million dollars to Melville, New York instead of depositing it in a bank in Englewood. That $5.8 million dollars represents tax dollars collected from us by the city and used by the city to purchase a building owned by us/the Board of Ed.  Now isn't that an interesting web? EPSD adds insult to injury by depositing our hard earned tax dollars in a bank in New York. This crazy action includes both the municipal and education sectors. We must send a clear message to elected officials that we are firmly aware of the fact that our tax dollars should benefit the residents of Englewood.

I did not always agree with Jack Drakeford. As a matter of fact, the first and last time we broke bread together, I invited myself to lunch with he and one of the Englewood Clergy. I let him know that I did not like the idea that egress into MacKay Park had been cut off on 3rd St. and Elmore Ave. It was interesting, he had always thought of it as escaping into the neighborhoods out of MacKay Park. Think about that. Even the most knowledgeable of us get so bogged down that we don't even know when we have taken on and mirror the ideas of the oppressors. We the People need elected officials who are willing to fight with us on the issues that are important to the
well-being of our children and our community.

Donald MacKay not only planned exits out of the park, he planned entrances into MacKay Park as Egress for the residents on those streets in times of emergency. Fire and flood and other natural disasters were frequent occurrences. Check out old photos of Englewood's 4th Ward nearly totally underwater.  In the event of a fire or real emergency, the residents of Elmore and 3rd Street will be trapped.  In order to escape the danger, they will be forced to run towards it. We are talking about safety and possible loss of life especially among children and the elderly.

Fund raising with their coach and families on Palisade Avenue

On several occasions, I have watched dedicated coaches practically beg the City Council and the Englewood Board of Education for permission to use the soccer, basketball and little league fields. The entire Recreation Department needs an overhaul. How is it that tax paying residents involved in making sure their children get a good background participating in team sports must beg for a field on which to play and practice? I find that to be unacceptable. If those young people, their parents and their coaches must fund raise on the streets for matching funds so be it, but the City surely owes them something. That whole arrangement should go back to the drawing board and terms should be renegotiated. The existing situation does not encourage residents to nurture the "Little Raiders" long enough for them to become part of "The Raider Nation" at the high school. Don't get me wrong, they should all raise funds, but they should always know that in the least they should have a field on which to play. They should not be forced to beg for something for which their parents have already paid. Other towns have "open gym" nights several days in the week. Why is it that Englewood does not? The facilities paid for by the taxpayers should be open to taxpayers. This is just another reason we must all exercise our right to vote. Aren't these organized teams part of the Recreation Department?

Remember the dates below. Don't just register to vote because a group of people in the barber shop, McDonald's or even in an uplifting program at your church suggested that it is a good idea. Look yourself in the mirror when you shave or apply your makeup. Ask the person looking back at you if he/she has done anything to bring about positive change for the community at large. Is the person in your mirror willing to change his/her ways? All politics is local. Start by voting for local politicians, people you know. Then vote for the president.  Every person has the power to affect change. Start now. Sleep better tomorrow.

October 16, Voter Registration deadline for November 6 general elections
October 30   Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications due by mail to county clerk
November  5   Deadline for in person Vote by mail Ballot App. by 3pm
November 6   Election Day....Exercise your right

New Jersey Voter Registration Information
You can register to vote if:
You are a United States citizen
You will be 18 years of age by the next election
You will be a resident of the State and county 30 days before the election
You are not currently serving a prison sentence
You are not on probation or parole because of a felony conviction

Registration Deadline: 21 days before an election (October 16, 2012)
Questions? visit www.NJElections.Org or call toll free 1-877-NJVOTER (1-877-658-6837)
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