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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Massa Is Still Pushing His Plan

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Mayor Frank Huttle III hosted a presentation by Raphael J. Caprio, Phd. entitled, The Financial Tsunami Facing New Jersey's Municipalities. It was all about how New Jersey municipalities are basically broke and must learn to spend more wisely. At this meeting, the Mayor informed Englewood Residents that our Master Plan of 2009 was stale. He continued on to inform us that he has the answer. To that end, he has used our tax dollars to hire another set of consultants to devise HIS Master Plan for our fair city. We arrived with our opinions and he gave us our FACTS. It is important to note here that no one took advantage of the privilege of the floor that was offered when his power point presentation was over. There was no need. He had already given us our facts.

Wayne Hamer at the podium
City Manager, Tim Dacey
Deputy Chief of Police, Larry Suffern
Mayor Frank Huttle III
The 1st Public Master Plan Public Hearing was conducted on June 26, 2012 at Community Baptist Church. Approximately 300 residents attended. They had prepared for 50 or 60. Some of the residents of the 4th Ward left feeling slightly roughed up. We were divided into groups and instructed to discuss what the Mayor wanted us to talk about in order to arrive at the destination that he wanted. We are cognizant of the fact that most of the space available to be developed is located in the 4th Ward.

The 2nd Public Master Plan Hearing will take place at 7 pm on October 22, 2012. 

PLACE: The Ahavath Torah Synagogue
240 Broad Avenue 
Englewood, New Jersey

This meeting will be much like the 1st one in that the topics of discussion will be controlled. The meeting will focus on four topics:

  1. the impact of the light rail
  2. the downtown district
  3. community services
  4. and future job growth
Do not allow this to deter you from attending the meeting. Look carefully at the allowed topics. We still have much freedom of discussion. It is of the utmost importance that everyone attend this very important meeting. The future of Englewood must not be left in the hands of a few people. 

We all pay taxes and if we must attend meetings and fight for representation, then so be it. We must be ever mindful of the fact that the cards are stacked against us. People from other Wards of the city have already chosen the 4th Ward Councilman. Examine the Certificate of Wayne Hamer, you will notice that only 2 residents of the 4th Ward signed this document. Mr. Hamer did not follow the dictates of Title 19:13-20 NJ Election Law and petition the residents of the 4th Ward for their support. As Residents of the 4th Ward, we were denied our say when he was placed on the ballot without collecting signatures from the 4th Ward. This very act may be interpreted as a form of voter suppression. In the language of an educator, Mr. Hamer did not complete the minimum basic requirements necessary to become candidate for 4th ward councilman. He did not hand in his assignment.

Where did this begin? Who allowed it to happen? When will we have our say?

Do we want this type of chicanery and skulduggery to become normal practice in Englewood? Are we supposed to grin and shuffle along pretending to be happy? We already do not have representation on the Board of Education. If Mr. Hamer wins, we will no longer have 4th Ward representation on the City Council. He will have debts to pay to the people who looked the other way while we were denied our rights. Do we want the Mayor and residents of other wards to give us our leaders? Are we supposed to be satisfied with that? Why is Mr. Hamer satisfied with this? Mr. Hamer has some hard questions to answer. As Incumbent, what stopped him from petitioning the 4th Ward residents for their support? Incumbents must also petition for support. What backroom deals were made that put him on the line beneath the President since he did not follow protocol? Is this the type of puppeteering we may expect if he is elected?

On a brighter note, the church was near empty. Let us hope that 4th Ward residents were sending the Mayor a long over due message to back off. 

When these events are examined together, a bleak picture that is all part of the NEW and improved Master's Plan is revealed. We must reject the Mayor's facts and investigate the data for ourselves. It should be clear to all by now that this administration is as solid as that amphitheatre that was constructed in Depot Square. If we allow this to happen our rights will be sucked into the same sinkhole as the near $163,000.00 awarded for the ill placed out door theatre. 

           We need a 4th ward councilman who cares about the needs of the people in the 
4th Ward.
We do not need or want an overseer.

I look forward to seeing numerous residents from all Wards at the 2nd Master Plan Meeting on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

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