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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All Politics Are Local: Stop Tearing Down Schools And Building Prisons!

At last night's City Council Meeting, representatives from other wards gave us the person they want to represent us. It kind of takes you back to the days when we had no choice, doesn't it? We do not want any more open sewers left to stew in the hot sun until one of our children falls in. We do not want to be Master Planned right out of the City. We do not want the special interest groups in the 3rd Ward and SEEK running the school district into the ground. We do not want more prisons and fewer school buildings across this state because state and local land barons have sold the free public education that was promised in the constitution.
In the brook by the 3rd Street bridge
or where the 3rd st. bridge used to be.

It is a good thing that those days are over. Yes, friends, those days are over. You and your neighbors are strong together. It is time to start gearing up, 4th ward residents. The days are over when they told us how to vote, eat, think and worship, because they controlled where we worked. This time they started their campaign by eliminating where we work. We have nothing left to lose. I have been accused of grand standing at school board meetings and even in an email. A friend reminded me that WE are not grand standing. WE ARE STANDING GRAND. And we need more residents of Englewood to stand beside us.

The former entrance to Mackay Park
at the end of Elmore Ave. The City now
dumps there. It is no longer used as a
beautiful green place for holiday picnics.
Are we willing to give over those small freedoms again? Does anyone want to see separate water fountains and movie theatres again? News flash: We already have that right here in good old Englewood and more are coming. All of the new housing complexes have their own movie theatres, swimming pools, and recreation centers. How many of you know someone who lives in the apartments on the south side of route 4? Some folks are willing to return to the days when we were subservient just because we had less money and lived in the Valley. They meet in back rooms and offices and broker deals for themselves, their families and their friends. That type of attitude is destroying our school system and our community. Is that what we want? Only we have the power to change the tide of events. It is high time we used it.

In a town where the lowest paid are fired because they have a union and benefits, it speaks volumes about the turmoil in the world. If folks have real power and real money, they go after the real benefit packages.  Try the benefit package of one Congressman. How many jobs do you think one of those packages equates to in the scheme of things?

Located at the entrance to
Elmore Ave. 
They are already controlling the educational system and our children. Do we all see bright futures for our children after being neglected in this school district and this town? How do you like the way that is going? 2 years ago I watched a video created by a 15 year old that brought tears to my eyes. He said that grownups had forgotten about the teens. He no longer felt protected and complained about being forced to play in the streets, while other towns have Recreation Centers. That young man ended up in jail. Is this town and this school system preparing all of our children for the orange jumpsuit?  They are certainly not preparing them to enter college or for a career upon graduation from high school. They are dead set on getting us all to move or die trying to survive. That is the Master Plan.

I have nothing against the selection. He is one of my neighbors. The question is this. How do we trust someone that the other wards think is best for our Ward when the representatives from those wards have already demonstrated that they do not care about anything other than the real estate in the 4th Ward? It is not such a puzzle. We don't. We use the power of our vote and let our voices be heard loud and clear. Is is a new day. The beginning is here!

Some OSHA regulated gloves would have helped to protect this
youngster while performing a civic duty. More police surveillance
in the vicinity would probably help alleviate the problem that
made it necessary for him to stand here in the first place.
Who else does not wish to imagine Englewood with no 4th Ward representation on the School Board and now on the City Council? It is time for us to have our say.
On all blocks. Turn off the TV and go outside.
Talk to your neighbors.
Make sure that the person to the left and to the right of you is registered to vote.

Dust off your votes. Make sure you know where to vote. There has been some weirdness going on with polling places in the last 2 elections. The weirdness is called voter suppression. It is happening all over the country, because folks are afraid that in the next 4 years our President will be able to do some good. Make sure the 18 year old in your home votes. Make sure that the 18 year old's friends are registered to vote.

It is no coincidence that the prisons of this country are packed to the ceiling with the children of people of color. A friend once told me that "all politics is local" and now I understand that statement. If we want fewer people of color in the prison institution and more in institutions of higher education, we must start in our own neighborhoods. Too many children of color are getting a higher education in the prison system.

There are states, such as Ohio, that have sold their prison population to private industry along with a deal to keep the prisoners coming. All parents must understand that this may be coming to a state that YOU live in very soon. Less than a 100 years ago prison labor was the way to go. Cheap labor supposedly saves taxpayers money.  Big business and private industry may just be depending on the indiscretions of our husband, sons, daughter, other relatives and friends in order to make the big bucks.  Some feel that prison labor is not a money making proposition for private industry. They maintain that there is an even darker motive. Regardless of why our children seem primed for jail by a larger society, we must work diligently when they are babies to make sure that they have options.
I do not see the humor in this prison jumpsuit that is sold in all sizes by Abercrombie and Fitch. It does not bode well knowing that the prison population is growing everyday. If Abercrombie and Fitch are selling it, someone is buying into the hype.

Are we tired of our children being fitted for the orange jump suit in pre-kindergarten? We recognize the Prisoners, the Warden, Parole Board, the Prison Guards and the Trustees. Which one are you?

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