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Planning Board

Planning Board - Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council. Appointments must follow NJ State Statutes as outlined in the Municipal Land Use Law.

The Planning Board adopts a municipal master plan in accordance with state requirements; approves specific site plans, proposals for subdivision or development and layout of streets and highways; advises the City Council in matters relating to the master plan; and grants variances from municipal regulations unless they are the province of the Board of Adjustment. 

Breakdown of Members:  (As per Englewood City Charter)
One non-elected municipal official
One council member
Six citizens (Residents of Englewood)
The Mayor 
2 alternates are appointed by the Mayor and Council. 
Terms of office are one to four years depending on the member position.

Members                                                                       Term Expiress 

Michael Wildes, Mayor  (Ward 2, District 3)                           12/31/22

Manuel Barrientos   (Ward 4, District 3)                                12/31/21

Charles Cobb, Class III  (Ward 1, District 4)                         12/31/18
(liaison to the City Council)

Roosevelt Jean Class IV  (Ward 3, District 2)                         12/31/20

Anthony David    (Ward  4, District 3)                                      12/31/21
Lewis J. Baer      (Ward 1, District 1)   Chairperson                12/31/21

Ken Rosenzweig  (Ward 1, District 2)  Vice Chairperson         12/31/21

David Maron       (Ward 3, District 2)                                         12/31/21
Lisa Leibowitz Wisotsky (Ward 2, District 2)                            12/31/21
Diana Patino  (Class II)     (Ward 4, District 3)                          12/31/21
Emily Mann     (Alternate #1)     (Ward 2, District 1)                12/31/19

City Liaison - Tina Evans: 201-871-6645 

******Tina Evans is Land Use Administrator. She is a paid employee 
who works in the building department for the construction official. At
this time we are wondering why she is Planning Board Secretary and
Secretary to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. She is also a voting
member of the Planning Board. She lives in Mahwah and has not 
participated in the mandatory training. Why is Tina Evans, a resident
of Mahwah a voting member of Englewood's Planning Board?

She is wearing too many important hats and she has not been trained.

Food for thought

"On July 7, 2005 an act providing for the mandatory, one-time training 
of planning and zoning board (and consolidated land use board) members 
was signed into law. (N.J.S.A. 40:55D-23.3 and 23.4) The training consists 
of five contact hours within the same calendar day. Areas of study include: 
the roles and responsibilities of planning and zoning board members under 
the MLUL, understanding the master plan and sub-elements and 
its relationship to other local, regional and state planning documents and 
the local development application review process. Each participant will 
complete a simple standardized test at the end of the course. All board 
members are required to satisfactorily complete this course..." 

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