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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Make Me Your "Personal Choice"!

("Personal Choice" write in candidate)

Dear Englewood Residents,
My name is William Feinstein and I am running as a write in candidate for the Englewood Board of Education. I decided to announce my candidacy Friday after attending the Board of Education candidate’s night on Thursday. I was disappointed and dismayed by what I heard from the two incumbents and their running mate. Like many of you, I have been concerned about the priorities and direction of this current board. In my opinion their priorities are not in the best interest of our children. Actions speak louder than words.

This year they voted to eliminate the Zone Program at the Middle School, Eliminate Dual Language and Language immersion in the lower grades, eliminated the position of Vice Principal & Assistant Principal positions and over 30 staff members for so called economic reasons Just to name a few. They approved and voted to reward the superintendent with a bonus payment of $30,000 for achieving goals that quite frankly are part his responsibilities as Superintendent. At the same time, they voted to approve and have already spent over 3 million dollars…and counting, in legal fees for tenure charges that have twice been rejected by the state. This money could and should be used for resources to provide our children with the education they deserve. They have failed our children and our community.

I was born and raised in Englewood, a proud alumnus of the Englewood Public Schools. I am passionate and committed to the success of the Englewood Public Schools. I was fortunate to receive a great education that prepared me for the world outside of Englewood. I believe that every child today deserves to receive that same great education and experience. I will fight everyday to ensure our children are not left behind. As a community we have a responsibility, to ensure that every child is given the same opportunity. I ask for your VOTE on November 6th and I promise to fight EVERYDAY for EVERY CHILD.

My name will not appear on the ballot, but you have an option to vote a personal choice which is to the left of the names of candidates running for the school board. 

Just click box 1, type in William Feinstein and cast your vote

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Another Democratic Choice

Horace H. Ragbir has lived in Englewood for the
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and suit
Horace Ragbir and his wife with
Governor Phil Murphy.
past 30 years , he has been married for 39 years and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  He is currently the Vice Chair of the Englewood Democratic Municipal Committee. He has been on the Municipal Committee for the past 16 years.

He is also an active member of the Democratic Club. He is a current member of the Recreation Advisory Board. He is also a member of  of the Englewood Community Foundation, the friends of Englewood Health Department and friends of the Englewood Recreation  Department. He has been the President of the neighborhood association sine 1998.

He has actively participated at City Council, Board of Adjustment and Planning Board Meetings to help implement changes that would improve the lives of all the people that reside in the City of Englewood.
Horace is committed to making Englewood a better 
place for everyone. He will be your first choice for

Horace H. Ragbir

In the Primary Race, earlier this year, The 4th Ward Gazette supported the right of Michael Wildes, Amy Jones Bulluck, Trevor Jadoo and Bill Feinstein to run off the Democratic Line. They were still Democrats even though not considered REAL DEMOCRATS. We supported them as Democrats even though they were NOT chosen to hold that favored place on the LINE. Now we are supporting the right of Horace H. Ragbir to run off the line. As you can see from his Autobiography, he is a lifelong Democrat.

In the Primary, Philip Meisner, who was formerly Democratic Chair had the pleasure to stack the deck along with the Mayor to get himself the LINE. Wildes and the others had the right to challenge that.

This is what we are about on this blog. The "Right to Challenge" is part of the Democratic Process. We dare not lose that.

Our purpose here is to encourage voters to push the button for the person, not the line. If the Democratic Bosses don't like this, then they should look in the mirror or perhaps even the Dictionary. Politicians should not be able to dictate to the Democratic Municipal Committee. That negates the choice of the people. Our own little Electoral Colleges should remain autonomous from Politicians and their rule, regardless of who they are.

Editor In Chief: The 4th Ward Gazette

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Career That will Take You Places!

Attention Parents of 2018 graduates: Your recent graduate has the opportunity to make six figures before their classmates are even out of college.

Do you need a career that will take you places?

NJ Transit is desperate to find more locomotive engineers for its trains, as many have called out over the summer for various reasons, prompting widespread cancellations.

It's a pretty good gig, with plenty of opportunities for training and starting salaries around $76,000 with great benefits. With some quick training, there's no need for an expensive college diploma.

You can quickly find yourself with a six-figure job and unbelievable job security. This opportunity is available to applicants beyond the recent graduate. Are you complacent at your job? Do you want a new career?

NJ Transit now has 500 or so available jobs.

An exciting future in commuter transportation awaits! Now, we can't call you. So, get up and take the first step.